Using Culture To Teach A Foreign Language Education Essay

“ A l’interieur de la scolarite obligatoire, l’enseignement diethylstilbestrols langues doit etre repense, dans sa specificite propre en affair avec l’ensemble diethylstilbestrols discilplines ( reflection Sur le linguistic communication, en affair avec La langue maternelle et les mathematiques, developpement de l’expression personelle en affair avec les enseignements litteraires et artistiques, ouverture Sur lupus erythematosus monde en affair avec l’histoire, la geographie, l’economie, les sciencesaˆ¦ ) .

As originally come from a Gallic settlement state, at certain clip French was the most spoken linguistic communication. The female parent tang linguistic communication is dialect which is the mixture of Latin, French, Barbarian and Arabic linguistic communication.

It is hard when students undertake an instruction from the primary school get downing with two linguistic communications French an vitamin D Arabic, most of topics was in Gallic linguistic communication in intent of farther higher instruction where the university plan was and still all in Gallic linguistic communication in the exclusion of certain topics such jurisprudence, history and literacy topics in Arabic linguistic communication.

The Gallic lessons were focused on vocabulary acquisition, detecting a new nomenclature. Besides the grammar, the junction was compulsory, every individual student must cognize of bosom “ auxiliaire etre et avoir, les verbes du Prime Minister groupe conjugue gold nowadays, au hereafter, au passe compose… ECT ” . Everyone should able to place Sujet_Verbe_Complement d’objet. Along Gallic linguistic communication students had to analyze Arabic at precisely the same degree, but the accomplishment was less successful comparison it to the Gallic linguistic communication.

At the secondary school was the debut of English linguistic communication. The Gallic linguistic communication was more complex with the debut of high degree literacy lessons. Besides maths, scientific disciplines, natural philosophies were taught in Gallic linguistic communication.

There was ne’er the usage of civilization to learn any of the linguistic communications, as I have mentioned above the linguistic communication was taught on the intent of higher instruction. Most topics at the university are taught in Gallic linguistic communication. It was ever a job with a Gallic civilization I think because of the settlement effects. The instruction system and specifically languages section ne’er plan tom present a civilization to learn the Gallic linguistic communication same for English or Arabic.

The test system has ever been at the same modus operandi from the primary to the A Levels ( Baccalaureate ) . The school twelvemonth is divided in three footings ( trimesters ) , every trimester students have to take pre-exam and an test to measure them if they are able to travel to farther category the following twelvemonth. The 1 who fail has to recapture the twelvemonth once more.

The Gallic linguistic communication played a positive function in my bearer. At the university I underwent two old ages architecture, so after five old ages athleticss and engineering scientific discipline, stoping up with success a maestro grade. My research undertaking was about physiology, morphology ( anthropometry ) , physical and psychological facets of a theoretical account high public presentation jock.

As a modern foreign linguistic communications trainee teacher taking for success at the terminal of the class, I had to develop my general cognition about the secondary school instruction system.

Traveling through the national course of study, so specifically through the Modern Foreign languages course of study ; reading the national schemes secondary ; the Key Stage 3 Framework. Where I come transverse Intercultural understanding- Pupils will larn to recognize that people in other states and communities utilizing the mark linguistic communication may hold belief and attitudes. In so making they will develop a better apprehension of their ain lives.

The trainee instructor must be cognizant of different subjects to covering a linguistic communications lesson. Here we are looking for the debut of civilization to learn foreign linguistic communications subjects. My first experience was as pupil who underwent a German extension class during the summer at the University of Portsmouth.

I believe that I have picked up a batch of vocabulary when the German civilization was introduced into the lesson I had a good assimilation. The focal point was at that place ; my head was plunged in deep imaginativeness with the willing to cognize everything about German society. Besides I appreciate detecting new things in this universe. By seeking to understand the civilization I end up by larning new vocabulary to pass on and discourse facets with the group- KS3 Framework attainment 1 ( listening and talking ) . Therefor concentrating on one facet of life in more inside informations and compares it with my ain, see similarities, differences and see the facet in the past and at present clip.

As pupil the experience was great which recognizing different ways of seeing the universe. In groups we had to discourse sentiments and compare them, where I had to do a good challenge as a individual coming from different civilization ( my ain ) , populating in different civilization ( English ) and larning about new civilization ( German ) .

Sharing feeling, I think the best experience which allows person to construct assurance and this could reenforce schemes and larn about how to be after and consolidate a good structured lesson in our subject which is utilizing the civilization to learn a foreign linguistic communication.

As mentioned above, civilization has ne’er been introduced to learn languages lessons during my survey bearer.

With the experience gained from the German extension class, now I have to do certain to travel all over my first linguistic communication civilization which is Gallic civilization and do certain I have covered the country I am traveling to be utilizing to learn a lesson.

The best usher about instruction cognition to any abroad instructor who is willing to be a qualify teacher the national course of study in general. This allow foremost to detect how the instruction system is like in the UK, Self-settlement to go a trainee instructor.

A PGCE modern foreign linguistic communication has to through the national course of study Modern Foreign Languages, look more in inside informations plan of survey for Key Stage 3 and attainment marks. The point related to my subject ; Intercultural apprehension.

`Learning a new linguistic communication provides alone chances for students to research national individualities and became cognizant of both similarities and contrasts between the civilizations of different states, including their ain ‘ . ( National course of study MFL, 2007 ) .

The co-incidence is that my first arrangement which is phase one at the Swanmore in-between school detecting twelvemonth eight, the linguistic communication instructor ( Gallic ) was learning “ La francophonie ” she was utilizing a civilization to learn linguistic communication.

After a personal meeting I had with my capable wise man, I have discovered that the twelvemonth eight strategies of work lucifer precisely with my assignment essay 1.

The caput of linguistic communications section and the lone languages teacher Mrs Balch is utilizing one of the cardinal constructs from the national course of study MFL, Intercultural apprehension. The strategies of work were covering the Gallic spoken states all over the universe in different continent with different civilization. I have observed a few lessons about “ la francophonie “ it was disputing lesson for twelvemonth eight they like the escapade of detecting a new civilizations, they were concentrating, larning new vocabulary words. It was besides a rewriting to different word such colorss, Numberss ( e.g. : – one million two hundred thousand five hundred students ) and covering other topics like geographics. Always usage of the mark linguistic communication.

Always after an effectual PowerPoint presentation the instructor was inquiring inquiries, her purpose acquiring students involve, giving them clip of contemplation which aloe them to reply and inquire inquiry at their bend.

This is the chance to be portion of such a great experience where the instructor is already assisting me deriving the experience on developing and working on my Gallic civilization cognition and how to utilize it to be after a Gallic lesson.

Making my bibliography research where many writers were doing researches for decennaries introducing civilization to learn a foreign linguistic communication. The UK is non the lone state to do research about this subject there is a big Numberss of states such Germany, USA, Chinaaˆ¦etc. It shows that intercultural competency instruction makes students more tolerant.

( Sercou with Bandura, Castro, Davcheva, Laskaridou, Lundgreen, Del Carmen Mendez Garcia and Ryan.2005, P.5 ) It is clear that, in order to back up the intercultural acquisition procedure, foreign linguistic communication instructors need extra cognition, attitudes, competences and accomplishments to the 1s hitherto idea of as necessary and sufficient for learning communicative competency in a foreign linguistic communication. Lies ( 2005 ) , sharing his research with a considerable group of writers working on foreign Language Teachers and Intercultural competency, shows that how effectual could be this subject in the instruction system. It is already in the national course of study and in pattern at school as I have cited above, a typical illustration at Swanmore in-between school the linguistic communication instructor ever originative developing good cultural cognition to give an efficient structured lesson.

Harmonizing to ( Byram and Fleming, 1998, P.77 ) Associating linguistic communications larning and cultural surveies together is neither easy nor comfy. It is really educative utilizing the civilization to learn a foreign linguistic communication, where the pupils are more focussed and interested detecting something new and learning new vocabulary words. Sometimes, it could do the pupils non comfy in the instance of utilizing a complex and hard nomenclature this could turn on negative point. We can larn from this and ever do certain to take the appropriate vocabulary to the pupil degree to be after the lesson to maintain them concentrate and accomplish in their acquisition.

The research is being ever positive through the bibliography research with more commendations. ( Byram and Fleming, 1998, P.98 ) Learning a foreign linguistic communication implies a grade of intercultural acquisition: Student may be led to go more cognizant of their ain civilization in the procedure of larning about another and hence may be in a better place to develop intercultural accomplishments. ( Jones, 1995P.1 ) how chances can be created, without go forthing state, for scholars to see, larn about and research `Otherness` , where their function is to specify what they interpret this distinctness to be. It will propose schemes which help them to do up their ain head about what grounds of manner of life, set of beliefs, manner of acting mean to them.

As Byram and Fleming ( 1998 ) and Jones ( 1995 ) has indicated, this is what I come cross when detecting a Gallic lesson “ La francophonie ” the state was le Burkina Faso where the pupil was reading a transition about a boy life in a small town the poorness was to the extreme, limited nutrient quality and measure. , no tape H2O, stores, no conveyance, the school was to do and the male child was still go to the school willing to larn. Here the pupil was affected and concerned. The instructor during the lesson made the point by stating: expression you have those chances manner do non you take them. Always usage of mark linguistic communication.

The affectional hypothesis is that utilizing civilization to learn linguistic communication ever affects larning on positives manner, enjoy and accomplish a great public presentation.

It is the position of ( Byram.1989, P.139 ) that, the relationship between linguistic communication acquisition and civilization experience is reciprocally supportive in that linguistic communication acquisition may good be mostly rehearsal-oriented with some communicative instruction techniques switching the scholar towards public presentation.

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