Student Retention At Sait Polytechnic Education Essay

Schools are judged by pupil keeping rates, in add-on this is a important issue and remains at SAIT Polytechnic. This study will touch on several affairs that straight affect keeping. Certain jobs that will be discussed are how student features play a function with the job, what environmental fortunes affect pupils, and how instructors play a function in pull offing this topic.

There are many grounds that pupils leave from SAIT. Most pupils leave because they completed the credits they required or wanted ; they changed their head about their plan or occupation ends, or they transferred or qualified for admittance elsewhere. In add-on, most pupils ‘ loss of involvement in surveies, deficiency of ends or motive, letdown in their ain public presentation, and plan trouble, but these pupils can travel to a confer withing Centre to seek calling and plan advice, or tutoring service for those pupils who have trouble for their classs. Therefore, it is significantly of import to understand pupil frights and defeats. The force per unit area that a pupil faces while go toing categories can be dejecting and will besides be corrupting if he or she can non accomplish the ends that they have set out to carry through.

The bulk of pupils set out to graduate, they frequently have a way set out and hold strong societal ties maintaining them on the right path, so there is a sense of belonging. As a consequence, the pupil has a positive mentality towards school and the way they have chosen for school. In contrast, when a pupil has less of these attributes the greater the opportunity that the pupil will retreat from the establishment.


SAIT has made several savvy alterations in the manner the school maps. Several of these transmutations include the manner instructors use pupil centered and engagement attacks. Another manner that SAIT has changed the school environment is through engineering, SAIT has transformed from a low tech to high tech, by offering pupils laptop ‘s and smart board engineering in the category suites merely to call a few. SAIT besides offers instructors classs to assist remain current with new and advanced engineering

In add-on when a individual decides that SAIT is their establishment of pick and registries for categories the pupil is offered up a assortment of different activities runing from pupil instructor BBQ ‘s to first twenty-four hours orientation. By offering these activity ‘s SAIT is constructing relationships with the pupils and implementing bonds between module and pupil relationships, which if a pupil participates will assist the pupil maintain a strong safety cyberspace to trust on.

Many plans and installations are besides offered up by SAIT that reiterate the pupil experience. These include guidance, prior larning appraisal, larning accomplishments, and pupil to pupil tutoring. Students besides have entree to a broad scope of services and installations through the Wellness Centre. In add-on, SAIT provides support for Aboriginal pupils and international pupils through Chinook Lodge and the International Student Centre.


Teachers are an of import key for pupil keeping at SAIT. Teachers should maintain focused on pupil ‘s motive and keeping in each category ; they besides need to hold the end of seeing all of their pupils successfully complete each of their categories. It is significantly of import to understand pupils and utilize proved motive and keeping techniques to maintain them enrolled and engaged in the acquisition procedure.

“ Teachers who create a meaningful acquisition environment encourage pupils to keep continued advancement, which consequences in keeping, non merely to maintain pupils in the plan but besides to better educational results. Student keeping becomes an issue of continuity because they face a batch of challenges at their academic journey. ” ( B. Johnson, 2010 )

There are several illustrations of common challenges pupils face affecting dissensions with their teachers. One illustration of a challenge is that pupils may hold negative interactions with teachers this might do a direct impact on the perceptual experience the pupil has about their category. Students will either go on their surveies, because of the committednesss made to finish their plan, or they might go forth out of defeat and choler.

In add-on, I believe it is non all up to the teachers they can utilize all these techniques and still lose pupils. This is because keeping remains in big portion in the custodies of the pupils and their attitudes, their fortunes, and their dedication to the plan and ends that they have set out for themselves.

Furthermore, the SAIT employer teacher relationship does plays a large function in keeping at SAIT. “ I am steadfastly of the belief that happy teachers equal happy pupils. Well supported teachers equal good supported pupils. ” ( J. Himann, forces communicating, November 26, 2010 ) .


After much deliberation of all information, the undermentioned decisions on pupil keeping have been made.

Students should be to the full prepared when come ining into a plan to finish the plan to the best of their abilities.

Students should do the attempt to take advantage of all plans offered by SAIT to keep good classs and a positive mentality

Teachers should take scheduling offered by SAIT to maintain up with current technological tendencies and learning techniques.

SAIT Polytechnic should make every bit much as possible to keep positive relationships with instructors to assist with good pupil teacher relationships.


At a minimal the undermentioned recommendations should be followed by pupils, instructors, and SAIT to keep and work on bettering pupil keeping rates.

Students must to salvage the necessary sum of money to keep a comfy life outside of school/

For pupils to be successful giving clip to the plans offered by SAIT will assist to reenforce a strong safety cyberspace that they can trust on if future problems should originate.

When instructors stay up to day of the month with engineering this helps pupils remain interested in the plan being offered.

When SAIT maintains good relationships with module members this in bend causes instructors to be happy, which means instructors will hold positive attitudes towards good pupil teacher relationships.

July 14, 2017