Share Of Life Insurance Premium Finance Essay

Apart from investings, concern and trade besides gets benefitted through insurance in a manner that they are able to confront the impact of major hazards like fire, temblor, inundations etc. Hence, capital and recognition are expanded with the aid of insurance. The agribusiness will see protection against losingss to cattle, machines, tools and harvests. Therefore, the insurance meets all the demands of the economic growing of a state.

Decrease in Inflation

The insurance reduces rising prices in the state in two ways. First, money in the signifier of premium is paid to insurance companies in order to buy the insurance policies. Hence, the buying power of the person for purchasing other merchandises reduces which in bend reduces the liquidness in the market taking to controlled rising prices. Second, by supplying sufficient financess for production, this helps in contracting down the inflationary spread. In India, the entire incursion of insurance ( premium as a per centum of GDP ) has increased manifold from 1.90 % in FY00 to 6.72 % in FY10.

Tax Benefits of Life Insurance

The undermentioned revenue enhancement benefits are applicable to policyholders.

Under Income Tax Act, 1961 – An person or HUF can claim a tax write-off on the insurance premium paid for ego, partner and kids ( including dependent kids ) , under subdivision 80C of Income Tax Act, capable to income slabs. Premium paid for critical Illness Benefit qualify for discount u/s 80 D.

Money received under a Life Insurance Policy – As per subdivision 10 ( 10D ) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, any amount received under a life insurance policy including fillips declared or paid do non organize portion of nonexempt income. To set it merely, it is exempt from revenue enhancement. However, monies received under cardinal adult male Insurance policy are non covered under subdivision 10 ( 10D ) .

Under Wealth Tax Act – Insurance premium paid every bit good as surrender value of Insurance policy do non organize portion of indictable wealth. For the same no wealth revenue enhancement is attracted when the policy is in force. On adulthood of policy the sum received, if it remains in hard currency on March 31 of the wining twelvemonth, will organize portion of indictable wealth.

Conventional Plans profiting the Individual

As directed by Government of India, the Insurance Companies under the conventional programs have to put 80 to 85 % in Government Securities, Debentures, Bonds, Money Market Instruments etc. and merely 15 to 20 % is invested in the Equities. These types of programs are really safe and secure for an single but unluckily, these were most preferable programs merely till the twelvemonth 2000 ( entry of private participants in the Indian Market ) . Today besides these programs are sold more than 50 % by LIC as the capital is secured & A ; the life assured gets sensible returns on adulthood without exposure to the hazard of portion markets.


Although the insurance industry provides many societal and economic benefits to society, it is necessary to acknowledge the societal cost of insurance. Cost of insurance to society are as follows:

Cost of Making Business

Insurance industries consume agencies and economic resource like land, labour, capital and concern endeavor in supplying insurance to society. In fiscal footings expense lading must be added to the pure premium in their day-to-day operations. An disbursal burden is the sum needed to pay all disbursals, including committees, general administrative disbursals, province premium revenue enhancements, acquisition disbursals and an allowance for eventualities and net income. As a consequence entire cost in society will be increased.

However, these extra costs can be justified for several grounds:

From the insured ‘s view-point, uncertainness refering the payment of covered loss is reduced because of insurance.

The costs of making concern are non needfully uneconomical, because insurance companies engage in a broad assortment of loss bar activities.

The insurance industry provides occupations to 1000000s of workers in the United States. However, because economic resources are used up in supplying insurance to society, a existent economic cost is incurred.

Deceitful Claims

Cost of insurance besides comes from the entry of deceitful claims. Examples of deceitful claims include the followers:

Car accidents are faked or staged to roll up benefits.

Dishonest claimants use faux pas and autumn as accident.

PhonyA burglaries, larcenies or act of hooliganism are reported to insurance companies.

False wellness insurance claims are submitted to roll up benefits.

Dishonest policy proprietors take out of life insurance policies on insured ‘s who are subsequently reported as holding died.

The payment of such deceitful claims consequences in higher premiums to all the insured.

Inflated Claims

The concluding cost of insurance refers to hyperbolic claims. Although the loss is non deliberately caused by the insured, the sum of the claim may transcend the existent fiscal loss. Some illustrations of hyperbolic claims are as follows:

Lawyers for complainants Sue for high-liability judgements that exceed the true economic loss of the victim.

Insured ‘s inflate the sum of harm in auto-mobile hit claims so that the insurance payments will cover the hit deductible.

Disabled individuals may feign to be ill for disability income benefit for a longer continuance.

Insured ‘s exaggerate the sum and value of belongings stolen from place or concern.

Inflated claims should be regarded as of import societal cost of insurance. Premium must be increased in supplying extra losingss.


Permission GRANTED

[ New India Assurance Co Ltd v/s Hardip Singh & A ; Others – II ( 2003 ) CPJ 103 ( NC ) ]

Can an insurance company independently challenge the award under a professional insurance policy?

During a gall vesica surgery, Mohinder Kaur developed ventricular tachycardia, followed by ventricular fibrillation. She suffered cardiac dysrhythmia and went into coma due to medical carelessness, going bedridden at the age of 45. A instance was filed against the sawbones, the anesthesiologist and the infirmary. The insurance company was a party to the proceedings. The District Forum awarded a compensation of Rs 2 hundred thousand, collectible by the insurance company on behalf of the physicians under the professional insurance policy. This was challenged in entreaty before the State Commission, which upheld the Forum ‘s order. The physicians did non go on farther judicial proceeding, but the insurance company filed a alteration request before the National Commission.

Detecting that it was incumbent on the insurance company to indemnify physicians under the professional insurance policy by paying the sum awarded by the consumer forum, the committee stated the challenging of the order by the insurance company without rime or ground is neither proper nor desirable. The committee expressed deep torment that such requests were being filed. It observed that such instances are non meant to be fodder for the legal section and the insurance company can non travel on a fling in registering such requests. The committee stated it was keeping itself this clip, but warned that if such requests are filed in hereafter, heavy cost would be imposed. The torment of a consumer must stop at some phase. It is the responsibility of the insurance company to see that frivolous instances were non filed so as to choke off the wheels of justness, which result in wastage of clip. While disregarding the alteration request, the committee directed the order be sent to the chairman-cum-managing managers of all insurance companies.


Life insurance refers to the protective screen on the life of the person insured and proviso of fiscal benefits in instance of loss of life of that person within a certain period. It must be understood that life is pretty unpredictable and one needs to be prepared to run into all unanticipated events. Some of these unanticipated events may cover inauspicious state of affairss, besides termed hazards. While some are preventable or can at least be minimized, some are wholly evitable. Nevertheless some hazards are wholly unanticipated.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid losingss. For illustration ; people may go ailment. They may decease as a consequence of a sedate unwellness or dangerous hurts sustained in accidents or their places or other belongings may undergo harm or larceny. In all such instances, they may hold to confront significant losingss in incomes and nest eggs. Insurance is a affair of financially guaranting that if such an incident does come about, the loss does non impact the present well-being of the individual.

When sing taking up insurance it is of import to besides see factors such as the type of hazard, the consequence of that hazard, the cost of the hazard and what one can make to extenuate this hazard.

Insurance is appropriate merely when one wants to guard against a ‘significant ‘ pecuniary loss. The word ‘significant ‘ is of import here because if the possible loss is little, it does n’t do sense to pay a premium to protect against the loss. Let us take the instance of life insurance ; if a individual is the exclusive breadwinner in a family, the loss of income that his household would see as a consequence of his premature decease would be considered a ‘significant ‘ loss. It would be really hard for his household to replace his income. This is where taking an insurance policy helps. The monthly premiums guarantee that if one dies, his income is replaced by the insured sum. The same rule applies to many other signifiers of insurance.

Insurance allows non merely the persons, but besides concern houses and other entities to protect themselves against important possible losingss and fiscal adversity at a moderately low-cost rate. One may see taking up insurance to protect oneself or any other individual from fiscal adversities. Insurance may cover any of the followers:

Protecting one ‘s household from loss of income after one ‘s decease.

Guaranting debt refund after decease.

Covering contingent liabilities.

Protecting against the decease of a cardinal employee or individual in one ‘s concern.

Protecting one ‘s concern from concern break and loss of income.

Protecting oneself against unforeseeable wellness disbursals.

Protecting one ‘s place against larceny, fire, inundation and other jeopardies.

Protecting oneself against cases.

Protecting oneself in the event of disablement.

Protecting one ‘s auto against larceny or losingss incurred because of accidents.

Major Advantages of Life Insurance in Handling Risks

“ The value of human life is far greater than the value of belongings.

Merely insurance can continue it ”

Life Insurance has no competition from any other concern. Many people think that life insurance is an investing or agencies of salvaging which is non a right analysis. When a individual saves, the sum of financess available at any clip is equal to the sum of money set aside in the yesteryear, plus involvement. This is in instance of fixed sedimentation in a bank, national economy certifications, common financess and all other types of nest egg instruments. If the money is invested in purchasing portions and stocks, there is hazard of money being lost in the fluctuations of the stock market. Even if there is no loss, the available money at any clip is the sum invested plus the grasp ; but, in life insurance, nevertheless, the fund available is non the sum of the nest eggs already made ( premiums paid ) , but the sum one wished to hold at the terminal of the nest eggs period ( which is the following 20 or 30 old ages ) . The concluding fund is secured from the really get downing. One is paying for it over the old ages, out of the nest eggs. One has to pay for it merely every bit long as one lives or for a lesser period, if so, chosen. In any instance, the assured fund is non affected. There is no other strategy which provides this sort of benefit. Therefore, life insurance has no replacement.

Life Insurance plays a major function to fudge the hazards of the hereafter, which may or may non take topographic point. It is besides used to fudge against the hazard of an unsure loss. Listed here are some of the major advantages of life insurance:

Hazard Cover – Life Insurance is non merely the best manner for household protection ; alternatively there is no other manner. In the unsure fortunes of life, it ensures that the household continues to bask a good quality of life against any unanticipated events and to covers the hazard of loss. Well said ‘the footings of life are difficult, but the footings of insurance are easy ‘ .

Fiscal Security – The policy of life insurance provides economical security to the household of the policy holder in instance of decease of the breadwinner. On happening of this unfortunate event, the household is forced with a hard currency crunch. But by availing a life insurance policy, this job of hard currency crunch is solved by a ball amount sum paid by the insurance company.

Planing for Life Stage Needs – Any other nest eggs or investing instrument is no more than life insurance in footings of security, marketability, stableness of value or liquidness. The policyholder can run into his purposes in life such as kids ‘s instruction, their matrimony, constructing dream place or be aftering a relaxed retired life ( all harmonizing to life phase demands and hazard appetency ) . Some prevailing policies like traditional gift programs, offer in-built warrants and defined adulthood benefits through assortment of merchandise options covering all major hazards such as Money Back, Guaranteed Cash Values and Guaranteed Maturity Values ( see chapter 8 and 9 for more inside informations ) .

Safe and Profitable Long-run Investment – Life Insurance is a extremely regulated sector whereby, IRDA ( Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority ) , the regulative organic structure, by assorted regulations and ordinances ensures that the safety of the policyholder ‘s money being the primary duty of the Insurance Company where its major focal point is on returns over a long-run and it by and large avoids hazardous investing determinations for short term additions.

Double Role of Protection and Savings over a Long Term – Insurance is the lone manner to safeguard against the unpredictable hazards of the hereafter. Since conventional policies are viewed both by the insurance company and the insured as a long term committedness ; they help the policyholders meet the double demands of protection every bit good as long term wealth creative activity expeditiously.

Growth through Dividends – Participating ( with net income ) policies offer an chance to the policyholders to take part in the net incomes of the Insurance Company through dividends and fillips without taking any investing hazard.

Protection against Rising Health Expenses – The cost of wellness is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and the instrument like insurance helps in run intoing these heavy intolerable disbursals. Insurance Companies, either through riders or stand alone wellness insurance programs offer the benefits of protection against the hazards of critical diseases and hospitalization disbursals ( refer chapter 12 for more inside informations ) .

Builds the Habit of Prudence – Life Insurance is a long-run contract, where, as policyholder, you have to pay a fixed sum in the signifier of premium at definite intervals. This develops a prudent wont of long-run nest eggs whereby a good sum of principal is built which helps in run intoing the fiscal demands at assorted phases of life and heightening the criterion of life.

Secured income through Annuities – Life Insurance perpetuates life, autonomy and is the chase of felicity. It is one of the best instruments for retirement planning. The nest eggs during the gaining life span are to the full utilised to supply a steady beginning of income during the retirement period ( refer chapter 11 for inside informations ) .

Facility of Loans without impacting the Policy Benefits – Policyholders can avail loans on all traditional policies, except money-back programs, if he has paid premiums for at least three old ages. The involvement rates vary from company to company. This helps them to run into unplanned life phase needs without adversely impacting the benefits of the policy they have bought.

Note: The manner the loan sum is calculated is different for ULIPs and traditional policies but late as reported by the newspaper Business Standard on 22nd Jan 2012, IRDA is be aftering to censor loans by life insurance companies against ULIPs and is non any unit-linked programs with a clause of loans against policy. IRDA Chairman, Mr. J Hari Narayan confirmed the fact that, “ Basically, ULIPs are hazardous merchandises, given that they are linked with the stock market. In instance the fund value drops dramatically due to negative monetary value motion, the hazard would come to the insurance companies. Hence, loans against such merchandises are non advisable. ”

Mortgage Redemption – There are fortunes in life when the person needs financess but is unable to acquire from assorted beginnings. Insurance acts as an effectual instrument to cover mortgages and loans taken by the policyholders so that, in instance of any bad luck, the load of refund does non fall on the bereaved household as the loan sum is deducted from the constabulary value on adulthood.

Major Disadvantages of Life Insurance in Handling Risks

There are certain disadvantages to purchasing life insurance like you have to decease to win i.e. you pay your premiums every twelvemonth because you want to protect your household. This is cheap insurance so you had no jobs with these payments. 20 old ages travel by and you did n’t decease. You have nil to acquire back from the life insurance company. It would hold been a just trade as you were merely paying for decease benefit.

On the other manus, had you purchased a lasting policy you could maintain it everlastingly but if you chose to halt in 20 old ages for illustration you would probably acquire back a good part of the premiums you paid. If you include your dividends you may really acquire back all your premiums at that point. Dividends are non guaranteed so the life insurance company is non allowed to project that this will go on. Permanent policies cost more than term policies so your pick may depend on how much you are able, or are willing, to pay for your life insurance.

Life Insurance policies can besides be disadvantageous may be due to agents, when you work with an agent you have to pay committee to him, this may take excess cost. If you cut the jobbers so you can salvage money on premium.

Incompetent Personnel and Facilities in the Industry – Not all insurance companies are equipped plenty to supply the consumers with life insurance policies they really require. Many Insurance corporations have emerged after recognizing the huge market potency and the untapped new section. These companies are by and big interested in doing immense net incomes instead than assisting the general populace with their insurance related questions. In the procedure, these insurance companies, engage unskilled people and supply hapless infrastructural installations. The insurance companies do non do usage of modern methods to happen the value of loss of goods insured.This dismaying tendency seen even in some developed states is poised to stunt the growing of insurance industry. However with the coming of globalisation transnational corporations have been invariably geting and unifying with these companies. They are hence able to supply the necessary drift and take this reverse though non to the full extent.

Lack of Consumer Awareness – The ultimate consumer is still non cognizant of life insurance policies. The degree of his apprehension is non sufficient. This is partially because of the ground said above. Some of the domestic companies do n’t hold the proficient expertness to implement the latest patterns. Furthermore the services of insurance agents could sometimes make more bad than good. Some of them seek to convert their clients to put more or to take certain policies which are non much beneficial to the clients. A individual will happen himself in problem if he invests more than what is really required. Since some agents indulge in unethical patterns, this has led to incorrect mentalities among general public about insurance companies.

Expensive – The life insurance can turn out to be a dearly-won matter, peculiarly when enduring from unwellness and regarded by insurance companies every bit high hazard due to some grounds like old age etc.

Irrelevant in instance of no household or dependants – The life insurance policy is irrelevant for an person who is non holding any household or dependants

Increasing Premiums – The premium collectible additions with the addition in age. But the income bit by bit decreases which makes it hard to strike a balance.

No benefit in instance of Long Life – Some policies do non supply any hard currency benefit on the policy holder lasting the policy term. In that instance, sum paid for premiums is wasted.

From the above treatment, it becomes clear that though life insurance is a assorted approval, yet its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. But at the same clip, it depends on the demands of the person. Life insurance is a savings option that helps the persons, general populace, concern houses and the state at big. It is hence a wise move to take a life insurance policy but, he has to garner adequate information about life insurance companies and their merchandises which suits your demand.


Deepti Bhaskaran ( 2012 July 9 ) . Adapted from “ Pooling of Risk ” , Mint, Markets and Finance.

Gai, Jehangir B. ( 2011, May 5 ) . Case jurisprudence: Can an insurance company independently challenge the award under a professional insurance policy? – New India Assurance Co Ltd v/s Hardip Singh & A ; Others – II ( 2003 ) CPJ 103 ( NC ) . Business Standard, Mumbai.


‘Insurance is able to restrict rising prices, so it should be made compulsory ‘ . Remark.

Make you back up the position that ‘Indian multitudes are under insured ‘ ?

Define insurance from point of view of the single and of society.

How is diversification signifier of hazard transportation? In what manner does it ensue in hazard decrease?

A common error made by people unfamiliar with hazard direction is to believe of self-insurance as being synonymous with hazard keeping. Discourse the differences between these constructs and the relationship between them.

Explain whether the undermentioned hazards and hazards are insurable by private insurance companies:

A hailstorm that destroys your roof

The life of an eighty-year-old adult male

A inundation


Biological warfare

Dirty bombs

As you know that some of the natural catastrophes and human made catastrophes are non under the horizon nor governable by the insurance companies, should the authorities wage for their amendss? If yes, how?

List out at least three major differences between insurance and gaming?

List out at least three major differences between insurance and hedge?

List out the demands which are necessary to be included in the class of ‘insurable hazards ‘ by the insurance company?

What are the costs to society of insurance and what are the parts that insurance makes to society that justify these costs.

Describe in item the importance of Insurance. What are the utilizations to the concern community and society as a whole?

‘Insurance is the concern of insurance companies ‘ . Elucidate. Do you believe that the insurance companies should manage their jobs without being subsidized by taxpayers? Besides explain what would be the result in footings of safety and loss controls.


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