Plastic Money

The change of the millennium has brought a wider changes, than just the change in the years. The change in attitudes, aptitudes , thinking ability and capacity. The millennimum has brought instruments, gadgets for the help of humans , they indeed the outcomes of fertile human minds, but gradually they arre bringing infertility to the human body and the mind. The behaviour of consumers are changing, their aspirations are moving skywards. The purchasing attitude for need based is becoming more of status based.

The definition of WANTS, which that its not only the desire of the good but also the ability to afford. sWell here comes the area of study, the Desirablity factor and the Affordability factor. These are two primary areas where, the marketing techiniques are been focused on. The first factor desirability which was their, and will be their to eternity. But, the catchment is increasing the Desirability. Today almost every promotional technique is focused on the desirability factor, well their is good tag line that says “ yeh dil maage more”.

The customers both present as well as the prospective are persuaded to think big, beyond their present capacity, by detailing the future benefits , feasibility , accessibility, comforts ,contingency and growth. Now, the affordability factor, this factor is made so achievable that nothing seems to be beyond reach. How is that? Its the introduction of plastic money. The widely used kind of plastic money is credit card and debit card.

Of these two the debit card is the payment affordability upto the balance in the account hold in the bank. But the credit card is a boasters to the factor of affordability. The invention of financial world has brought a revolution in the market system. The customers are been made feel that they carry the cash with them when they a credit card. The government , private banks, commercial banks are facilitating the credit purchase , the system of Buy Now, Pay Later, has strenghthen its roots in the minds of the people.

July 5, 2017