Examining the impact of natwest acquisition on RBS group

Amalgamations and Acquisitions ( M & A ; As ) have become a major growing scheme for companies worldwide, both large and little, to organize a strategic brotherhood within their peculiar industry. There are many typical aims that companies may be looking to achieve by making this, but the chief cardinal end is to vouch the long-run continued attainment of Swift profitable growing. These yearss, with the battle for competitory advantage going stronger, it is about cardinal to organize confederations. M & A ; A have become the most often used methods of growing for companies as they present a company with a potentially larger market portion and open it up to a more diversified market. Basically saying, a amalgamation occurs when two houses “ agree to travel frontward as a individual new company instead than stay separately owned and operated ” , whereas, an acquisition is when one company takes over another and clearly established itself as the new proprietor ( Investopedia, 2010 ) . This instance survey of the Royal Bank of Scotland ( RBS ) group will measure the fortunes and the impact of the two acquisitions: National Westminster Bank ( NatWest ) and ABN Amro on the RBS group and what the hereafter holds for the group.

2. Acquisition of NatWest

One of the UK ‘s biggest Bankss at the clip, NatWest, were forced to accept a coup d’etat command from RBS, a much smaller bank. It ended after months of combating between RBS and its challenger, Bank of Scotland ( BoS ) for the control of NatWest in a coup d’etat that “ galvanised ” the UK banking industry, in conformity with BBC NEWS ( 2000a ) . The RBS and NatWest amalgamation indicates that it is a horizontal amalgamation as it is when two houses are “ engaged in the same or similar lines of activity are combined ” , in relation to Hibachi ( p.344, 2006 ) .

The conflict began in response to a sequence of hapless consequences that made NatWest a coup d’etat mark and programs to unify with a insurance company, Legal and General, which were non good received ( BBC NEWS, 2000a ) .

As a consequence, the first hostile command had been made from BoS. Nat West instantly refused to hold to the coup d’etat. I peculiarly found the command unusual as it was from a much smaller house compared to a typical coup d’etat from a larger house.

During the class of the conflict, RBS indicated its involvement in NatWest by stating it had been “ sing for some clip ” ( BBC NEWS, 1999 ) . However, NatWest dismissed the offer and sustained its petition for autonomy. 28-dont put in depends on plagerism

This had put the group in a quandary as whether to walk off or enter into a command conflict with BoS. It did non take long for RBS to prehend the enterprise and launched a hostile coup d’etat for NatWest.

In the terminal, NatWest said it accepted that RBS had won support for its command from the bulk of its stockholders ( BBC NEWS, 2000a ) .

Or 21 bn? ? ?

The existent commands from both RBS and BoS were valued around ?23bn ( 28 ) .

At the Centre of the existent commands was the sensed synergisms that existed between the companies. The construct of synergism is that it allows for “ enhanced cost efficiencies of the new concern ” ( Investopedia, 2010 ) . RBS claimed the joint outgo would be cut by ‘?1.2bn ‘ if it acquired NatWest. Whereas, BoS claimed the possible economy of ‘?1.02bn ‘ ( BBC NEWS, 2000b ) . Put in? ? ?

Therefore, there is no manner that sensible proprietors will sell their company if it would gain farther by non selling.

Since the existent commands were about the same, the three companies decided to enthusiastically promote stockholder ballots. Hence, the driving force in my sentiment behind the winning command by RBS was the higher portion monetary value outlook offered in a hard currency amount compared to BoS.

— — — — — —

Hence, the driving force in my sentiment behind the winning command by RBS was the higher portion monetary value outlook offered in a hard currency amount compared to BoS. ? ? ? ? ?

I feel the command for NatWest was non excessively high or low but

Your sentiment see sheet

During the conflict there were several possible ‘white darks ‘ ready to help NatWest from the commands. However, in its effort for independency, NatWest decided that there was non an defense mechanism that would work.

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2.1 Impact of the acquisition on the RBS Group

Even though the initial market reaction to the coup d’etat was non positive due to the thought that RBS had overpaid, the acquisition has backed up RBS ‘s programs. Since, RBS has grown into a market leader and the stock monetary value has outperformed its competition it highlights the successful impact of the amalgamation on the group.

As a consequence, RBS ‘s incorporation with NatWest was such an accomplishment that it “ propelled the bank into the top conference of European banking ” ( Larsen ( 2007a ) . As it would hold been a dashing challenge seeking to incorporate the two Bankss particularly since NatWest was a larger.

Customers are improbable to notice much difference ab initio, with the NatWest trade name being retained. But there were expected to be high occupation losingss stated by both Bankss as operations were combined. As many ‘back office maps of the bank were merged ‘ with RBS taking to over “ 18,000 occupation losingss ” ( BBC NEWS, 2000c ) .

But in my sentiment sing that staff costs are a major portion of any bank, occupation losingss seemed inevitable even if there was no coup d’etat.

Today the RBS and Nat West group are turning from strength to strength with worldwide position. The rise of this ace bank portrays the positive impact on the group of battling competition and puting the consumer at the bosom of amalgamation ‘s proposal.

3. Acquisition of ABN Amro

In 2007, ABN Amro became a coup d’etat mark by Barclays and a pool of RBS, Banco Santander and Fortis bank. As what started of as an agreement affecting Barclays and ABN ended into one of the biggest command wars.

To to the full grok RBS ‘s finding to get ABN, you merely necessitate to look at the successful amalgamation of Natwest. Thus, the group guided by a pool of Bankss in Europe attempted to retroflex the NatWest acquisition.

The Shareholders in both RBS and Barclays supported their single offers. However,

the commands came when the fiscal market places were obscure.

Barclays decided to take itself from the command war as it did non accomplish ABN ‘s stockholder support. This was chiefly due to the better offer from RBS which was higher and consisted more of hard currency, compared to Barclays offer which consisted more of portions.

In the terminal, Barclays discarded its offer for ABN, ensuing in the RBS pool to finalize one of the biggest trades in banking.

While Barclays had originally made a a‚¬66bn offer, the command was non every bit good as the RBS pool offer of a‚¬71bn ( Larsen ( 2007b ) .

Many specializers trusted that the RBS offer would win as it was largely a hard currency offer.

Since the offer from RBS is largely hard currency it was non as influenced by the “ stock monetary value beads ” compared to the largely portion offer from Barclays. 8 rbs investors back command

The RBS pool province the proposal signify a “ higher value ” for the stockholders of ABN opposed to Barclays. ( 4 )

Subsequently, the chief ground RBS won ABN over Barclays was the largely the hard currency offer which was far more attractive for the stockholders.


“ The statements at the stockholders ‘ meeting centred on ABN ‘s determination to sell its US unit LaSalle to Bank of America for $ 21bn ( ?10.6bn ) ” .

The offer by the RBS-led pool is dependent on the reversal of the sale of LaSalle.

The Dutch stockholders group VEB says it has filed a suit to forestall the sale traveling in front.

VEB main Peter de Vries said: “ Equally far as we ‘re concerned [ the LaSalle sale ] is a fast one to forestall ABN from being taken over by a party other than Barclays. ”

Your sentiment

Overall, I feel the command offered by RBS was excessively high particularly when the place of the fiscal markets was so obscure.

In the event of the RBS command winning out, it was expected that ABN ‘s concern will be split up.

The command conflict has dragged on for most of the twelvemonth after a legal row over the destiny of LaSalle, ABN ‘s US subordinate.

ABN ‘s determination to sell LaSalle to Bank of America was challenged by a Dutch stockholders ‘ group, but its action was upheld by a Dutch tribunal.

3.1 Impact of the acquisition on the RBS Group

The impact of the ABN trade had more of a negative impact overall on the RBS group.

In 2009 RBS reported that it had occurred a shortage of ?24.1bn and was “ the largest in UK corporate history ” . The bulk of the loss was from the acquisition of ABN. ( 6 HISTORY OF RBS ) . Hence, highlights the hapless impact of the acquisition on the RBS group.

The old main executive of RBS, Sir Fred Goodwin, has been made accountable in doing RBS farther exposed by make up one’s minding to buy ABN. The great extent of loss that occurred in financing the coup d’etat had caused the Bankss fiscal resources to be low at the clip of the major recognition crunch in 2007.

Hence, I feel many purchasers can acquire distracted and pay more than they should before a major meltdown, in the case of RBS.

Additionally, when ABN was acquired, the bank ‘s operations had to be separated. One plus that was extremely desirable by RBS was the ‘LaSalle unit ‘ and was one of the chief grounds RBS had shown an involvement in ABN. But the fact that it was sold to Bank of America had left RBS with an “ underperforming London-based investing banking franchise and some little Asiatic operations ” ( 2 was abn the worst trade of all time ) . What was worse was that RBS went in front with the trade when the fiscal crisis hit and it was obvious that ABN would non supply the return the group anticipated.

4. The hereafter of the RBS group

The major banking crisis prompted major concerns of the stableness of the Bankss.

However, It is vividly clear RBS ‘s vision to go one of the largest and profitable Bankss in the universe. This is even more so due to the high competition in the market and organizing strategic confederations is the best manner in battling competition and hence turning. Thus, I feel RBS ‘s commands for Natwest and ABN highlight their purpose to turn as the market becomes more hostile. Sing ABN was non a successful acquisition compared to NatWest it still highlighted the groups drive for future growing and enlargement.

Expression at presentation, rbs web site for future- your sentiment is of import

This means the RBS of the hereafter must differ markedly from the one we know.

In recent old ages, under the energetic leading of Sir Fred Goodwin, the bank embarked on rapid enlargement.

Now RBS must return from being an engine of wealth creative activity to portion of the substructure of the economic system, serving the wealth creative activity of others. This may sound monotony and antique but at the minute, with bank loaning virtually frozen, it is non go oning. If the British economic system is to fight back on to its pess, it needs to go on rapidly.

5. Decision

The amalgamation of RBS and NatWest every bit good as ABN Amro had created major economical and public consciousness.

This instance survey has highlighted the see intro the fortunes and the impact of the two acquisitions: NatWest and ABN Amro on the RBS group and what the hereafter holds for the group.

Although each acquisition had changing consequences, they all were related to the growing scheme of the RBS.

In general, I feel the ABN trade was non as successful compared to the NatWest acquisition.

This survey found that administrations focus on guaranting strategic alliance across a assortment of standards, nevertheless, they each have differing standards precedences and weightings. This determination highlights the challenges of utilizing cosmopolitan assessment theoretical accounts and identifies why M & A ; A marks are valued otherwise by possible suers.

July 21, 2017