Education Standards In The Rural Areas Of Adamawa Education Essay

This papers is aimed at utilizing information engineering to develop a rural secondary school for the betterment of the quality of instruction in the school in inquiry. The school is located in a rural country in Adamawa province called Numan. Numan is a typical image of rural countries in Nigeria and the instruction system in this country is hapless. Harmonizing to an infusion from a study in which they defined rural instruction:

When you talk about instruction in rural countries, you talk about a hapless criterion of acquisition, deficiency of proper educational substructure, deficiency of larning equipment and other basic factors that should be in topographic point for a healthy acquisition environment. Education in rural countries does n’t travel far and therefore the deficiency of betterment in these countries.

This undertaking is aimed at presenting IT to the school in order to accomplish a leveled playing field compared with other schools in urban countries. If pupils are non provided with basic tools to fit up with those within urban environments, there is inequality. “ Unequal tools in an unequal environment create unequal consequences ” ( Ukpe, 2010 ) .

The school in inquiry is named Fakas Secondary school. It presently has merely one computing machine which is located in the principal ‘s office which was donated by ETF ( Educational Trust Fund ) . Our purpose is to ease the constitution of a computing machine lab with 20 work Stationss connected to the cyberspace. This computing machine lab will be used to develop pupils from JSS One all through to SSS Three. The presence of this computing machine lab will do larning a batch easier for the pupils and supply entree to engineering and information which would widen their acquisition base, better larning accomplishments and supply an equal playing field with other advanced schools.

A research worker on instruction in Nigeria said that, “ The Federal Republic of Nigeria has no specific policy for ICT in instruction ” ( Agyeman, 2007, p.2 ) . Based on this, we plan on converting the Adamawa State Ministry of Education and the National Information Technology Development Agency ( NITDA ) and SchoolNet ( A non-profit administration ) to fund this trial tally undertaking. This school will be used as a instance survey to measure the impact of presenting information engineering in rural schools or any deficient school on the quality of instruction the pupils receive. This undertaking is an effort to bridge the spread between instruction in rural and urban schools.

This undertaking is traveling to be the first of its sort to be implemented in Adamawa province and even Nigeria. Puting the pieces into topographic point would be a dashing undertaking sing the fact that we would be working with the Nigerian Government and other organisations. The undertaking success would depend entirely on the degree of corporation of the patrons. In order to do certain the undertaking is a success, we have come up with certain methods to keep advancement.


In order to convert the undertaking patrons to put in our program, we would supply several grounds and grounds demoing the impact of ICT in instruction. We would foremost compare Fakas Secondary School with ABTI Academy. ABTI Academy which is situated in Yola town is one of the best if non the best secondary school in Adamawa province. The school has a to the full functional computing machine lab which is connected the cyberspace. The lab has 25 computing machine workstations connected to a LAN web. The pupils have full entree to the lab to make research, take classs in computing machine instruction, type paperss and gather information on relevant subjects for their coursework. These installations improve their acquisition accomplishments and actuate them to work. Harmonizing to their principal, the school normally has the highest evaluation when it comes to the O-level test in the North-East part of Nigeria. This is n’t wholly due to the fact that they have computing machines in the school but it is based on the fact that these pupils have found new ways of acquisition and integrated it with the conventional manner of acquisition ( books ) . Looking at Fakas Secondary school which is located in Numan, we see that the school is hardly lasting on the small comfortss it has. The school has a small library which was built by the ETF, schoolrooms, chairs, and a resort area for extra-curricular activities. The school has merely one computing machine which is non connected to the cyberspace. The computing machine is n’t really being used because there is barely power supply to that country. In order to better this school by presenting ICT to it, we have come up with certain points that we feel would better the school vastly:

A to the full functional computing machine lab with 20 workstations and connexion to the cyberspace

Provision of hardware resources for cyberspace connectivity ( WLAN, LAN, VSAT, etc )

Experts to develop the bing instructors how to utilize the systems and keep them. These experts would stay at that place for a piece till the local instructors can keep the system.

Power supply to the part in inquiry

Software resources for larning ( Mavis Beacon, etc )

At foremost this looks like a batch to implement but at the terminal of the twenty-four hours, the concluding consequence shows that it is worth it. In Adamawa province, the power supply can be considered as fickle particularly in the urban countries. Logic dictates that if the urban countries barely get any power supply, the rural countries would be worse off. A study on instruction in Nigeria provinces:

Rural communities are worse off because of the absence of substructure. In chase of the vision

to better entree to electric power, most particularly by rural inhabitants, the authorities signed

into jurisprudence the Nigerian Electric Power Sector Reform Act ( EPSRA ) which established the

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission ( NERC ) and the Rural Electrification Agency

( REA ) . The REA is responsible for implementing the rural electrification fund, modulating rural

electrification maps non covered by the NERC, and advancing rural electrification. ( Agyeman, 2007 )

The Adamawa province authorities should appeal to the REA to better the power supply to this part for the interest of this undertaking. This is critical to the undertaking because without power supply, the computing machines are every bit good as useless in the schools.

The Adamawa province authorities, NITDA, SchoolNet and ETF would come together in providing the necessary substructure for this undertaking to win ; substructure significance: the routers, satellite connexion, computing machines, package bundles for installing, etc.

Keeping these systems requires a batch of work and a basic cognition of how the systems work. This is where the experts come into topographic point. We would appeal to the NITDA to supply experts to run, maintain and develop the instructors with these systems ( we are under the premise that the instructors in this school are non computing machine literate ) . The preparation procedure helps the instructors besides because it introduces a new instruction accomplishment for them and besides improves their learning abilities ( the instructors can now make research to better their cognition base and in some instances further their ain instruction ) . We would necessitate the experts to remain on site and supervise the systems till they are convinced that the instructors can now take full control of the systems and utilize them to learn the pupils.

Michael Thomson has been the principal of ABTI academy for two old ages now. The school has a good equipped computing machine lab which consists of 25 computing machines. The computing machine lab has been there since the origin of the school. He noticed an betterment in pupils larning accomplishments in relation to the computing machine lab stating that “ it has been one of the greatest positive influences on the pupils ” ( Thomson, 2010 ) . First of wholly, the entree to information ; specifically educative information has over the old ages helped out pupils to better greatly in other classs such as history, English literature, etc. Besides with the debut of ICT, communicating has been really effectual between our senior school pupils ( SS1-SS3 ) and their instructors. One of the Advantages of ICT in the school is improved flow of information between lectors and pupils. The pupils submit coursework online in a timely mode ; they partake in treatments in online forums for their undertakings, they have adequate resources to make research on subjects for their coursework and they have a standard cognition of the constructs of IT ( information engineering ) . One of the disadvantages of implementing ICT is the fact that the Students frequently spend more clip on their ain personal work than the category work assigned to them but we besides have a high limitation on our cyberspace therefore prohibited sites can non be accessed. He besides mentioned that if the school did n’t hold a computing machine lab, his major concern would be that the pupils would travel through the establishment without any cognition of ICT services and how they can assist them.


We are pleading with the Adamawa province authorities to non merely better the school in its rural countries but to besides edify the governors of the other provinces on this affair. This undertaking should be used as a foundation for many more. The Nigerian authorities should be able to work with organisations in the private sector to better these schools. So far, some organisations have started. Harmonizing to a study by ( Agyeman, 2007 ) ,

The ICT revolution has besides registered corporate backup non merely with computing machine companies like

Zinox but besides with the Bankss. Over 80 schools have benefited from the Zenith Bank ‘s ICT for

Youth Empowerment strategy. The strategy focuses on helping Nigerian young person to bridge the

digital divide through early debut to ICT. Each school receives a lower limit of 10

computing machines.

To promote the usage of ICT, the bank organises an one-year ICT authorization forum for young person

that attracts about 2000 secondary- and tertiary-level pupils. The bank distributed 100 personal

digital helpers ( PDAs ) to the first 100 pupils to get at the locale in 2006.

More enterprises like this should be established and these organisations should get down making out to schools in rural countries alternatively of merely urban schools. When chances like this are created for these rural schools, there will be equality amongst everyone and all the Nigerian kids would hold an chance to standard instruction.

We are pleading with the Adamawa province authorities, NITDA, ETF and SchoolNet to come together and recognize the potency of this undertaking and how it would travel a long manner in bettering the Nigerian educational substructure as a whole.


In order to supply standard instruction to the young persons of Nigeria, necessary installations and substructure need to be provided. The pupils need to be able to run into up with regular school criterions in this twenty-four hours and age i.e. they need to travel along with the technological universe. Implementing ICT in rural schools would travel a long manner in bettering these schools and to an extent, the countries themselves. In order for these pupils to be equal with pupils from other developed schools, they need to be given a opportunity ; they need to be given the chances that are being given to the more fortunate schools/students. The Nigerian authorities demands to reexamine its policies on ICT in instruction and reconfigure it to supply quality instruction across the state.

It is of import for the authorities to prosecute in research on past instance surveies refering this subject in order to see the impact it has had in other states, particularly the developed states in the western universe. The Nigerian authorities should work extensively to better the instruction sector and follow up on this paper by happening other ways to besides add to the factors to better instruction in rural countries.

July 13, 2017