Definition of cyberwellness and the issues surrounding it

Internet dependence is a signifier of “ any online-related obsessive, compulsive behaviour that interferes with an affected individual ‘s normal life, and causes terrible emphasis on himself ” , his friends and loved 1s. It is besides described as an “ impulse-control upset which is similar to pathological gaming ” ( Dr. Young, 2010 ) .

There are several signifiers of internet dependence upsets. The most common 1s are “ pornography dependence, bet oning dependence and chancing dependence ” ( Internet Addiction: Escape or Psychological Disorder? ) .

On a study done by Parents Advisory Group for the Internet ( PAGi ) in 2003 ( Khoo, A. , Liau, A. , & A ; Tan, E. , 2006 ) , the top 3 grounds for utilizing the cyberspace among Singaporean pupils are:

Sending and having electronic mail

Making prep

Playing games on the cyberspace

The top 2 grounds are non the chief concern but the 3rd one is doing parents and instructors worry.

Students, particularly those in the primary school degree may be excessively immature to hold the ability to “ strike a balance between the practical and the physical universe ” ( Lim, W.Y. , 2010 ) . If such a balance is non achieved, it may take to bet oning dependence. When pupils are addicted to online games, they tend to remain online longer than intended and would frequently pretermit other of import activities such as making their prep or societal activities. Some would frequently lose their “ cherished ” slumber due to late-night log-ins. When they did non acquire adequate remainder, they will stop up feeling tired and unenrgetic in school. All these interfere with pupil ‘s concentration and impact their ability to concentrate good in category.

Frequently pretermiting their school work and neglecting to turn in prep assignments would do them to dawdle behind in their surveies and their classs would decidedly be affected. Some would besides see isolation from household members and friends as they prefer to remain at place interacting with their “ on-line friends ” alternatively. Many popular online games enable participants to pay for extra tools and accoutrements to heighten their on-line character. As they are still immature, most do non hold the fiscal ability to pay for these accoutrements. Therefore, they frequently resort to larceny.

With mention to my lesson program, I have chosen primary 4 pupils because at this age, I feel that they are old plenty to understand what bet oning dependence is. Bet oning dependence, merely like any other dependences are truly difficult to discontinue and intervention can sometimes be hard. It is important that they realised their dependence job Oklahoman and get the better of their dependence instantly because in two old ages clip, they will be sitting for their major scrutiny which is the Primary Six Leaving Examination ( PSLE ) .

By recognizing the marks and symptoms of bet oning dependence, pupils will hold the right cognition and accomplishments to keep a balanced usage of engineering and have appropriate preventative steps set in topographic point to counter dependence. They will besides be able to populate life usually, stand out academically and forestall any unneeded emphasis on household, friends and loved 1s.

3. Apologize how the activities in your lesson program are designed, based on relevant dimensions of meaningful larning that you have identified for your pupils. ( 10 Markss )

During the debut, I will rede them to integrate the KWL method into Linoit and type out what they already know and what they wonder about on-line game dependence. From this activity, I am seeking to find whether the pupils have any preexistent experience or apprehension on the information. From their response, I would so be able to estimate how much anterior cognition these pupils have. Even if their anterior cognition is minimum, it would still be advantageous for me to prosecute them as it would do it easier for the pupils to associate the new cognition to their preexistent experience.

Following, I will demo the category a picture of a real-life issue on on-line game dependence. By utilizing a real-life issue and job, I can assist prosecute the pupils ‘ attending and motive towards the lesson. When they realise how realistic the job is, they will be more interested to listen and pay attending. As the issue concerns them, they will be able to accept the aim of the lesson.

After watching the picture, pupils will once more be asked to utilize Linoit but this clip, they will be asked to type what they had merely learned from the picture. This activity will construct upon their bing prior cognition and therefore assist them in cognition keeping. They will be able to clear up their uncertainties and at the same clip derive new cognition.

After the picture activity, pupils will be broken into 6 groups. Each group will be given a inquiry or subject on on-line game dependence. Students are to entree the 5 web sites provided and do their research. They are to show their research findings to the category and discourse about their findings during the presentation. This activity is to further collaborative acquisition between pupils. Students learn more and retain longer through working in groups. Through this activity, they will besides larn valuable accomplishments such as teamwork, dialogue and communicating.

4. What practical concerns may happen during the execution of the lesson? In other words, what may travel incorrect? ( 5 Markss )

Technology and proficient jobs such as power failure, sound and picture equipment failure are some of the concerns that may happen during execution of the lesson. Some illustrations are computing machine dislocation, intermittent cyberspace connexion, unable to open PowerPoint slides presentation, running the picture cartridge holder and air-condition failure. These jobs will interrupt the lesson and may do pupils experience uncomfortable and restless.

The pupils might take a longer clip than expected to finish an activity. This might impact the lesson program as at that place might non be adequate clip to put to death other activities. Students might non be motivated or interested, non able to understand the instructor ‘s accounts or outlooks or they might happen the subjects being taught excessively hard to digest. Students who are unable to execute a undertaking will frequently strike up conversations with their equals. Some pupils may even go riotous and affects and the overall concentration of other pupils.

What seem to be easy waies for an activity might be confounding for the pupils. There might besides be struggles among pupils. The lesson might besides acquire diverted hence the instructor should be prepared and be after how to steer the category back to the lesson program.

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On-line Game Addiction


Primary 4 ( 40 pupils )

Students ‘ Features:

Assorted ability

Kinesthetic scholars, auditory scholars & A ; ocular scholars.

Pre-requisite cognition

Students have basic pre-requisite accomplishments in utilizing cyberspace where they have been taught how to seek for information from web sites provided by the instructor

Students have basic pre-requisite accomplishments in utilizing the Linoit tool where they have been taught how to post their remarks, replies or thoughts online

Students have basic pre-requisite cognition in utilizing KWL ( iKnow, iWonder, iLearned ) method

Learning Environment:

Using a full computing machine research lab, there will be 40 computing machines, each with ICT entree. Each student will be assigned to one computing machine. Computers are arranged in a manner that encourages coaction among students and enables instructors to supervise students ‘ activities and supply counsel easy.

Learning Aims:

By the terminal of the lesson, all the primary 4 students will be able to:

Evaluate with 80 % truth the grade of their on-line game dependence through a given self-assessment worksheet

Recognise at least 5 negative impacts of on-line game dependence and bring forth at least 5 practical schemes to avoid game dependence without mention to any stuffs

Lesson Duration:

90 proceedingss

Description of instructional schemes


Description of activities




10 proceedingss

15 proceedingss

25 proceedingss

20 proceedingss

10 proceedingss




Students will be questioned what they understand from the word “ Addiction ” . After hearing the response from the pupils, I would rectify, add or explicate the word farther if necessary. Students will be asked to call illustrations of dependence to measure their apprehension further on the definition of the word. I will so present “ Online Game Addiction ” as another illustration of dependence.

I will inquire pupils to integrate KWL method into Linoit. They will be required to type out what they already know and what they wonder about on-line game dependence. I will so play a picture of a real-life issue on on-line game dependence.

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After the picture, I will once more inquire pupils to utilize Linoit but this clip they will type out what they had merely learned from the picture and compare it with what they already know. This manner they will be able to unclutter some uncertainties and warrant their current perceptual experience on the subject. I will pick out some replies and misconceptions given by pupils and present to the category. I would add extra information and will clear up misconceptions to the category.

( An illustration of common misconception: Equally long as you spend more than 4 hours a twenty-four hours playing on-line games, you are addicted to it. This is non necessary ; there has to be a irresistible impulse for it to be considered an dependence. )


I will so interrupt the category into 6 groups harmonizing to how they were seated in the computing machine research lab ( 4 groups of 7 pupils and 2 groups of 6 pupils ) . Each group will be given a inquiry or subject on on-line game dependence.

Below are the 6 inquiries and subjects.

Who are more at hazard of acquiring addicted to online games?

Why pupils get addicted to online games?

Harmful effects of bet oning dependence on single.

Harmful effects of bet oning dependence on their friends and loved 1s.

Schemes to get the better of dependence.

Schemes to forestall dependence.

The pupils will be given 5 web sites for their mention. Using the cyberspace, pupils are to entree the web sites provided and do their research. They have to come out with information associating to the inquiries and subjects given above.

Using mahjong paper, each group will show their findings to the category. After the group presentations, there will be a Q & A ; A session plus discussion/review on the group ‘s findings. Students are to give constructive feedback on other groups work. After all the groups have presented, I will so summarize all the groups ‘ findings on the above issues of bet oning dependence.


I will give pupils a 2-in-1 self-assessment and contemplation worksheet. In the contemplation, they will be asked to rate the grade of their gambling dependence with mention to their self-assessment and to come up with a lower limit of 5 schemes to undertake on-line game dependence. Once they are done, I will roll up the worksheets.

I will wrap up the lesson by making a review on the causes and harmful effects of on-line game dependence, and, schemes to get the better of and forestall bet oning dependence. I will so motivate the category for any extra questions associating to the subject, and continue to reply inquiries or clear up uncertainties raised by the pupils.


Powerpoint slides.








Mahjong paper

( 1 paper per group ) ,


Self-assessment/reflection worksheet.

July 13, 2017