A Teachers Self Reflection English Language Essay

There are some callings that I will ne’er be good at. For illustration, I could ne’er be a physician, or an accountant. And do n’t you make bold seek to acquire me a occupation as a husbandman or a mill worker. However, there has been one calling that has ever had my attending, and the older I get, the more I realized I was made to be a portion of that profession. I foremost decided I wanted to be a instructor when I was six old ages old. This might be a small excessively immature to truly take a calling, but I realize now that I ‘ve ne’er lost my passion for learning. After making the Strengths Quest activity for category, I was a spot confused on the strengths that showed up at the terminal. When the two categories got together to discourse what they all meant, I got the same feedback for all of my strengths, “ This is a strength that most good instructors possess ” . Some people think it is silly that a simple trial you can take in 30 proceedingss could assist you make up one’s mind what you want to make for the remainder of your life, but harmonizing to the 1000000s of schools that use the Strengths Quest to assist pupils make up one’s mind on a major, it is far from foolish to believe that 30 proceedingss can assist you acquire started on the remainder of your life.


When I foremost got my consequences, it was difficult to calculate out how holding “ Futuristic ” as a strength would profit me in my pick to go a instructor. Why would I necessitate to be futuristic when I have already reached my end of going an pedagogue? After a batch of thought, and reading about this strength a few times, I realized that being futuristic did n’t merely intend looking into my hereafter with great item, but assisting others take a glance into their hereafter, and assisting them reach the ends they wish to accomplish. It ‘s easy to convert others that anything is possible, when I genuinely believe that.

In the yesteryear, there is n’t truly a clip when I could state that holding this strength has hurt me, other than the fact that people may be given to believe that I am foolish for being so optimistic in my aspirations. Looking into the hereafter and cognizing what I want has merely helped me go more focussed on acquiring where I want to be. It keeps me from rolling from my ends, and helps me do smarter determinations when it comes to other facets of my life such as my friends and free clip.


Consistency could be my most of import strength when it comes to being a instructor. It fundamentally says that everything demands to be just. I do n’t wish when people are favored for any type of ground. It besides says that a individual with this strength treats everyone every bit by holding clear regulations and using them systematically. This is evidently a trait that all instructors should possess. I ‘m certain we ‘ve all had at least one instructor in our lives that had her favourite pupil. And non merely do you turn to detest that instructor, but you hate that favourite pupil even more. It is difficult to larn values such as playing carnival, and handling others every bit when the individual learning you to make so, does n’t pattern it themselves.

Turning up, holding this strength really ache me in every bit many ways as it helped me. When I was younger I ever had so much green-eyed monster when person was favored over me, or got more attending. I grew out of this, but I remember that sometimes I would really lose friends because of those inclinations. I know now that it was silly to be covetous of person for something so small, and now I know to merely look past it, and that you ca n’t be EVERYONE ‘S favourite. Now, I use this trait in a positive manner. For illustration, when I see that person is being favored over person else, or is acquiring all the attending, I besides make it a point to near that individual and do certain that they get a small attending as good. I think everyone deserves to experience admired, so I do what I can to do them experience of import.

“ A instructor should ever follow a just attitude, when it comes to doing any signifier of ratings. He should be just to his profession and assess pupils on their public presentation, alternatively of personal resonances and likings ” ( Greer, 2004 ) . This was in an article written about a survey that was held at The University of Memphis. The survey was about the qualities pupils want to see most in a instructor. This was 2nd or 3rd on the list. “ Great instructors have clear, written-out aims. Effective instructors have lesson programs that give pupils a clear thought of what they will be larning, what the assignments are and what the scaling policy is. Assignments have larning ends and give pupils ample chance to pattern new accomplishments. The instructor is consistent in rating and returns work in a timely mode ” ( McEwan, 1999 ) . This is another beginning that explains the importance of being just. Being just and consistent is ever of import, but when it comes to educating our young person, it is something that should be stressed.


Woo stands for ‘Winning Other Over ‘ . This is a strength that I knew I had before I even participated in the StrengthsQuest activity. In the subject description, it talks about how people with this strength love meeting new people. They do n’t believe in aliens, merely friends they have n’t met yet. If there was one strength that I would hold to take over all the others, it would be this one. This is besides a really of import trait that you can hold when you are seeking to go a instructor. First of wholly, you meet new childs every twelvemonth. This means dozenss of names, faces and attitudes to retrieve. Second, in the description, it talks about how you have to “ work the room ” . When you ‘re in the schoolroom, all of the attending is traveling to be on you, and what you ‘re doing/saying.

There are ups and downs to holding this as a trait. It ‘s great sometimes because I ever run into new people and do new friends, but it can sometimes give people the feeling that I have shallow friendly relationships and do n’t hold any deep connexion with others. However, as you ‘ll happen out subsequently, I have no jobs organizing strong connexions with people that I care about.

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This strength confused me the most, merely because I did n’t to the full understand what it meant. After reading over it a twosome of times, I started to see how it truly described me reasonably good. It talks about how people with this strength are ever roll uping things. This does n’t merely intend material things. You can roll up things you ca n’t see every bit good, such as words, facts, etc. I ‘m an avid reader, and enjoy reading as many books as possible. Other than reading non-stop, I like to larn random facts. There is something about cognizing things a normal individual would n’t that truly involvements me. It ‘s like when you ‘re seeking for something on Google, and you do n’t see what you ‘re looking for, but you found something reasonably cool, which lead to another pointless web site and so on. This could come in ready to hand when you are learning because non merely can you educate your pupils on small facts they may non cognize, but you can assist trip their wonder and possibly hold them reading book after book, or looking up how much a penguin weighs, merely because they wanted to cognize.

There are some ruins to holding this as a trait. For those who like to roll up material things, it could take to jumble and do it even more hard to throw things out since you have so many. Other than that, I think that this trait is harmless. I think it ‘s a alone trait and that more people should bask “ roll uping ” random facts and words.


As my last strength, I got “ Relator ” . This fundamentally means that I enjoy doing strong connexions with people, and keep my true friends near to my bosom. I ever want to cognize more about the 1s that I am near to. I want to cognize their ends, frights, dream, etc. This can be both good and hurtful for instructors. It is good to acquire to cognize your pupils so that they trust you, and what you are learning them. You want them to bask coming to school every twenty-four hours and you hope they look frontward to seeing you. Unfortunately, this can be painful to you as a instructor because you make such great connexions with the kids, and so at the terminal of the school twelvemonth, that may be the last clip you of all time see them, and you have to get down the whole procedure over the following twelvemonth. This is a hazard that relators have to take. They have to put on the line acquiring hurt by those that they care about in order to truly acquire the deep connexion they are looking for.

Always desiring to organize close relationships with people has really helped and ache my aspirations. Knowing that I will hold to run into new childs every twelvemonth makes me shy away from going a instructor. However, I have ever wanted to go the instructor that everyone remembers. I know how powerful instructors can be, and I want to hold an impact, even if it ‘s merely on one individual. I want to be remembered in a positive individual that helped person determine their life, or assist them make up one’s mind on the individual they wanted to be.

“ Information ca n’t be transmitted without a solid connexion, and neither can knowledge. You need to organize a connexion with each and every pupil ” ( Unknown, 2008 ) . Making that particular bond with your pupils, and cognizing who they are as a individual truly helps you to educate them they manner you should. It is difficult to learn a alien something they do n’t truly desire to cognize in the first topographic point.


There are decidedly some defects I will hold as a instructor ; nevertheless, I think that my strengths will assist me go the instructor I would wish to be. Everyone goes through phases where they merely have no thought what they want to be when they grow up, fortuitously, thanks to the StrengthsQuest activity, it ‘s a small easier for me to see that I was born to learn.

July 29, 2017